Tea Plantations

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations

Be sure to visit the Tea Garden when you arrive Cameron Highlands. There are 2 tea plantations at Cameron Highlands, which are BOH Tea Plantations and Cameron Bharat Plantations, however BOH Tea Plantations is relatively large scale, so I recommend you visit BOH Tea Plantations.

Cameron Highland BOH Tea Plantation

Actually there are 2 BOH Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands, one in Sungai Palas which is specially built for visitors, another near Tanah Rata is a tea factory. I suggest you go to Sungai Palas if you’re first time visit Cameron Highlands, because the road to Sungai Palas tea plantation is easier to go, otherwise Tanah Rata tea factory has a poor road conditions.

Cameron Highlands BOH Tea Centre

Due to the road to Sungai Balas BOH Tea Plantation is very narrow, bus is no allow to enter. Therefore there are fewer tourists entering the tea plantations, most of the tourists enter by van or car. This perhaps is the advantage here, fewer tourists but to stride quiet, this is the place where you can really rest yourself.

boh tea

There is a tea house where you can enjoy a cup of fresh tea and delicious cake, leaving behind all the troubles in life temporarily. The tea house has a great design and only use floor-to-ceiling glass, so whether you are sitting in any corner of the tea house can enjoy the beautiful view of the tea plantations.

cameron highlands tea plantations

There is a small museum behind the BOH Tea Garden, you can also visit the BOH Tea factory here, and it is totally free admission, the staff will explain the whole process of tea produced.

boh tea factory cameron highlands

You can also buy souvenirs, tea sets and tea from their shop, you can find some tea that you can’t buy in the normal market here. Tea can be said is Cameron Highlands’ first industry, because of the unique climate, Cameron Highlands suitable for the cultivation of tea. Tea plantations is the first choice to visit when you arrive Cameron Highlands.